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Way Huge Electronics Pork Loin Pedal for Guitar – Product Review

If you browse through a Guitar Center catalog, you are likely to find dozens of choices for distortion pedals. Unfortunately, hardly any of these are worth your time, energy, or cash. What you don’t often see our units geared toward helping you discover the perfect sound. Whether your preference is clean tone or distorted tone, or maybe a mix of the two, the market is not oversaturated with devices to help ensure that you achieve maximal tonal mastering at both ends of the spectrum. Imagine how convenient it would be to have soaring, pristine clean tone at any given moment. Then, with the push of a button, be able to slam in with the most wretched distorted tone anyone has ever heard. I know that seems far-fetched but there is actually a unit that can help you do this.

The Way Huge Electronics Pork Loin Pedal for Guitar is one of the most all-inclusive tonal generators you can find. This offers intense variety in both textures of gain and clarity. On top, the pedal has controls for volume, tone, and overdrive. Although these do not seem very unique, you have to hear what they do in person. Below these three knobs are two controls for adjusting your clean in your curve. The idea behind this pedal is mostly to incorporate two different tonal textures into one. I actually like to use it to create entirely adverse tone fields. Still though, you can find a happy medium in so many different facets. Perhaps the most telling tone that I found as a mixture was kind of a British rock sounding version. This reminded me of the lower gain Marshall Amplifier sounds.

The unique thing about this pedal is how widespread the dynamic actually is. If your favorite clean sounds come from old Fender tube heads, rest easy knowing that this pedal has you covered. Maybe you really loved the sound that a Peavey 5150 puts out. Well amazingly, this thing emits the power you are looking for. Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of them all is the fact that this pedal can meet in the middle to form a totally original sounding guitar tone.

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